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Mgr. Jozef Medvecký, CSc.

Baroque inspirations

Adaptation and interpretation of models and motives' migration in painting of the 17th - 18th century

The main goal of the research project sponsored 2016-2017 by VEGA (Scientific Grant Agency
of the Ministry of Education, science, research and sport of the Slovak Republic
and the Slovak Academy of Sciences) was a research on relationship between painting and graphics
in the Baroque period, an analysis of the role and importance of reproduced graphic models
as an inspiration in the creation process of painted artworks,
and explication of working methods with models on the examples of pictures and wall paintings
preserved in Slovakia from the 17th and 18th century.

The output of the project available on this website is a database of the identified models
and examples of their using and reinterpretation in individual artworks, with relevant data related
to the digitized image documentation, using the existing computer technologies for searching and sorting
the processed material to the required criteria.

The website "Baroque inspirations" consists of interactive texts - synthetic and case studies
with references on literature on the topic and catalog identified graphic templates
used in the creation of baroque paintings. The material allows a comparative research and further study
of various aspects of the given issues.

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